I am a biologist at the Pacific Biological Station with Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Until recently, I was a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at the University of Washington and Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, Washington.

I link theory with data through statistical and simulation models to improve predictions about ecological systems and inform management and policy decisions. In particular, I am interested in how we can estimate population status with limited data and in the role of variance, risk, and extreme events in population dynamics. Because these problems are complex, a large part of my work involves method and software development.

Sean C. Anderson My research broadly spans the field of quantitative ecology. In my role at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, I am now mainly focussed on marine fish and fisheries. My current areas of research include:

I teach workshops on statistical modelling and data science in R including multiday workshops on Generalized Linear Mixed Effects Models (GLMMs) and Bayesian data analysis in R and Stan.

I develop a number of R packages. For example, with collaborators, I’m developing packages to run fisheries stock assessment simulations with Stock Synthesis software (ss3sim), fit Bayesian spatial and spatiotemporal models (glmmfields), and fit Bayesian Dynamic Factor Analysis time series models (bayesdfa). Much of my recent work has been on developing R packages to facilitate rapid data processing, model fitting, and visualization for groundfish stocks in British Columbia, Canada.

I am interested in taking on postdoctoral researchers and co-supervising graduate students. There are funding opportunities with Fisheries and Oceans Canada through SPERA (Strategic Program for Ecosystem-Based Research and Advice) and ACCASP (Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program). Other excellent postdoc funding opportunities are through the Liber Ero and the Smith Fellows programs. If you have a topic of interest, get in touch and we may be able to write a joint proposal.